Benefits of Honey Before Bedtime

Benefits of Honey Before Bedtime

Honey has its many health benefits, which have made it everyone’s favorite food, but what about the benefits of honey before bed? Here’s the most important.

Benefits of Honey Before Bedtime
Are there really benefits to honey before bedtime?

The reality of the benefits of honey before bed
Are there really benefits associated with eating honey before bed? Let’s get to know the answer:

1- Helps with sleep
It is believed that eating organic honey specifically before bedtime helps in sleep, when doing so, insulin levels rise in the body and the brain secretes tryptophan, which in turn turns into serotonin, which helps produce the hormone melatonin responsible for sleep!

Help with weight loss
Honey generally acts as food for the liver to help it produce more glucose, at which point the brain is alerted that the blood sugar level is high, to secrete hormones that burn fat.
To enjoy this benefit, it is recommended that three tablespoons of honey be added to a glass of warm water and drink it before bedtime.

Other benefits of honey
On the other hand, eating honey in general will benefit you, including:

Rich in antioxidants: Plant-based substances with antioxidant properties that are important for human health. It should be noted that the darker the honey, the higher the levels of these substances.
Lowering high blood pressure: This is due to the antioxidant content of honey.
Improve cholesterol levels: by lowering the level of bad cholesterol and raising the good one.
Reducing triglycerides levels in the blood: Various scientific studies have found that replacing sugar with honey can help lower triglycerides in your blood!
Promoting heart health: This is due to the previous benefits of honey, which reduce the risk of heart disease.

Improving the healing process of burns and wounds: Honey has been used in topical treatments, especially burns and wounds from ancient times.
How to use honey
To enjoy the benefits and general benefits of honey before bedtime, we recommend using honey by:

Replace sugar in honey whether in drinks or even food.
Use honey as a salad sauce.
Add honey to toast or pancakes.
Mix honey with yogurt, breakfast cereals or oatmeal in the morning.
Take a spoonful of honey.
Add honey to a glass of water.
Note: In order to enjoy the benefits of honey it is important to keep it in a sealed container, as there is no expiry date!

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