Reasons for nipple sit-down and irritation

Reasons for nipple sit-down and irritation

Transient or pathological stimuli may cause nipples to stand, noticeable pain and possibly ulcers and other problems in the nipples. What are the reasons for the standing and irritation of the nipples? Here’s a list of the most important:

Reasons for nipple sit-down and irritation

Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes that may occur in a woman’s body during certain stages of her life are the causes of nipple sitiand and irritation, particularly changes that occur as a result of such things as:
Menstrual cycle: The nipples are affected by increased progesterone production in the body before and during the menstrual cycle.
Menopause: Breasts and nipples are affected by hormonal changes in the body, which may be reflected in the form of pain or irritation in the overall breast area.
Taking oral contraceptives: Hormonal pills may cause an effect on the body that mimics the effect of hormones during pregnancy, which may cause temporary changes in the breast.
Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a common cause of some changes in the breasts, such as nipple sit-down, pain or irritation of the breast, and this type of symptom often manifests particularly during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Undergo a nipple piercing
Some women may resort to cosmetic piercingin different areas of the body, including the nipple, and this type of procedure may cause some health complications if the perforated nipple is not properly cared for during recovery.
These are some changes and indications that may mean nipple inflammation: pain, warmth, nipple irritation, nipple swelling, general fatigue in the body, rash, body pain, redness in the position of the hole, fever, and strange discharges from the nipple.
Continuous friction
One of the reasons why the nipples stand and irritate is that the nipples are constantly exposed to a surface, which is common during exercise, such as running, and may get worse as a result of exercising and following some of the wrong habits during exercise, such as:
Wear sportswear made of coarse cloth.
Women wear a bra made of soft cloth and not suitable for sport.
If not resolved quickly, irritation caused by friction may turn into bleeding and cracks in the nipple.

Breast problems
Here’s a list of the most important problems that may affect the breasts, causing the nipples to stand, irritate, or even general pain in the entire breast:
Breast abscess.
Breast inflammation (Mastitis).
Expansion of breast canals (ectasia).
Breast cancer.

The reasons for the nipples to stand or irritate may be the lactation process, when the baby improperly or loosely holds the nipple.
This can cause pain and irritation of the nipple throughout the feeding session, and in some cases may cause the nipple to crack and bleed.

It is possible to avoid or reduce the complications of breastfeeding by following a few simple tips, such as:

Moisturize the nipple with drops of breast milk before starting the feeding session.
Wear a cotton bra that suits breast skin.
Apply some medical ointments to the nipple regularly.

Other Reasons
The causes of nipple standing and irritation are not only mentioned in an ave, but there are many other possible causes and triggers that may lead to nipple sit-down, such as:
Feeling cold and low temperature.
Incidence of certain diseases, such as Paget’s disease, eczema, thrush and dermatitis.
Take certain medications, such as depression medications.
Sexual stimulation.
An allergic reaction to certain materials or fabrics that are used in everyday life.

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