Arthritis-stimulating foods

Arthritis-stimulating foods

Did you know that the foods you eat can affect your joints and cause inflammation? Avoid these foods that may increase the risk of arthritis.

Arthritis-stimulating foods
The term arthritis refers to medical conditions that are common to joint pain and inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and psoriatic arthritis, which may occur as a result of some malpractice.

Here’s a list of foods that increase your risk of arthritis that you should avoid:

Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids such as corn oil, peanuts, sunflower seeds and soy oil are healthy foods that you should eat in small amounts.
However, excessive consumption can lead to arthritis.
Refined carbohydrates
White flour products such as white bread, pasta, and crackers are classified from the list of foods rich in refined carbohydrates, also called refined grains.
These foods cause a rise in blood glucose, which increases the risk of infections in the body, including arthritis.

You can get protein from vegetables — such as spinach, nuts, tofu cheese, beans, and lentils — instead of those in meat and dairy products.

Red Meat
Meat – especially red meat – is a high-fat food, which can cause high cholesterol and inflammation in the body.
Meat also contains high levels of the final products of the advanced protein-binding process (AGEs), which stimulate stymantic growth in the body, especially when grilled, roasted or fried.

Processed Foods
Avoid processed foods such as baked goods, ready meals, and canned foods that contain trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils, which will keep them alive longer.
Trans fats increase arthritis.

Salt and preservatives
Many foods contain plenty of salt, preservatives, which help store nutrients for longer, and excessive salt consumption may increase your risk of arthritis and blood pressure problems.
Be sure to read the labels before eating food to avoid the dangers of preservatives, additives.

Alcohol and Tobacco
Tobacco and alcohol use can lead to a number of health problems, including arthritis.
Smoking increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and alcohol from gout.

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